Год: 2009
ME00-09 VA - Hardcoded vol.01
ME01-09 (Project) Ritual Noise - Сonfirmation Of Diagnosis
ME02-09 God Bless My Heresy - Degradation
ME03-09 God Bless My Heresy - The Pain Is Blessed To Become Fear
ME04-09 (Project) Ritual Noise - Life Among An Animal
ME05-09 Dem Tune - Intrusion EP
ME06-09 Cracked Core - Audiolog
ME07-09 Coatom - Reseed
ME08-09 DJ Tasat - Santa Is Late Never EP
ME09-09 VA - Hardcoded Vol.02
Год: 2010
ME10-10 F\S - Kaite
ME11-10 Artificial Heart - Something
ME12-10 Cr1s & W.I.D. - Modern Weapons
ME13-10 Poolsheen - Ascension Sensei
ME14-10 Tres Speculum - A Sacrifice
ME15-10 (Project) Ritual Noise - Falling Man
ME16-10 Poolsheen - Critical Strike
ME17-10 Gelid - Gelidemo
ME18-10 Poolsheen - Prototype
ME19-10 Synroc - Vitrification
ME20-10 Exilis - Why Not?
ME21-10 Kazdalevsky - 30-километровая зона
ME22-10 Coatom - Last After the God
ME23-10 (Project) Ritual Noise - Illusive Freedom
ME24-10 CDR - Aniwota must die! CDR gigamixxx @animetro 13 FRI
ME25-10 Gigandect - Hello Kill You Gigamix
ME26-10 Synroc - Reactor Vessel
ME27-10 Kvagga - Kvaggacore vol.01
ME28-10 Artificial Heart - Anguish EP
ME29-10 Evil Minds - Minds And Machine
ME30-10 Coatom & Dem Tune - ZombieNation
ME31-10 Tres Speculum - Tales Of The Great Winter
ME32-10 (Project) Ritual Noise - Mutual Blocking
ME33-10 VA - Hardcoded Vol.03
Год: 2011
ME34-11 Lgor - Rare Elements
ME35-11 A Drama Radio - Perdition Signal
ME36-11 AlDae - Dance With My Killer
ME37-11 Synroc - Evasion
ME38-11 Kvagga - Make Mash Not Love
ME39-11 Cracked Core & Kazdalevsky & First Sleg - RMX Split
ME40-11 Shotgun Orchestra & Spets - Uncalled For EP
ME41-11 A Drama Radio - The Crone Years
ME42-11 AlDae - My Dying World EP
ME43-11 VA - Mental Excitement vs Arrhythmia Records - First Round
ME44-11 Бъ - Музыка из подручных средств - Будет Организована Вечеринка
ME45-11 Exilis - Glory hole
ME46-11 Cracked Core - 90h[FiLU]
ME47-11 AlDae - Dein Endloser Weg
ME48-11 Zaytsev Ivan - On The Path Of Motion
ME49-11 Doctor Doomstep - TechCORE EP
ME50-11 The Bacoshins - Единственный Способ Сняться
ME51-11 Diezel Xzaust - Move Your Head EP
ME52-11 Synroc - Gluco EP
ME53-11 Artificial Heart - Smoldering EP
ME54-11 AlDae - Morphine Sky (Mental Excitement Edition)
ME55-11 Cracked Core & Brandkommando - The Root Causes of Social Dysfunction
MEmix01 VA - Mental Excitement Hard Mix For Urbansoul
MEmix02 VA - Mental Excitement Soft Mix For Urbansoul
Год: 2012
ME56-11 Synroc - Burden
ME57-11 Mental Strain - Hurt Disk
ME58-11 Coatom - The End
ME59-11 Бъ - Октябърь
ME60-12 REACTOR - Aliens Corp. Security
ME61-12 A Drama Radio - Virtual TV Test
ME62-12 Panic Control - First Intoxication
ME63-12 VA - Hardcoded Vol.04
ME64-12 SickSexSquad - Ее локоны волос пахли чем-то прелым
ME65-12 Lgor - Mental Friendship
ME66-12 Cracked Core & Sergrunt - Between Solstice and Equinox
MEoverview2011 VA - Mental Overview 2011 Mix